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Gallivanting Worldwide Travel was founded by Tanya England who loves gallivanting all over the world.  She enjoys planning trips for groups that provide a unique travel experience. Tanya launched Gallivanting Worldwide Travel to help individuals and groups plan the vacation of their dreams without breaking the bank. So, if you have been dreaming about relaxing on the pink sandy beaches of Aruba, climbing the stairs of Basilica de la Sagrada Família in Barcelona, Spain or strolling down Circuit Ave on Martha’s Vineyard, Tanya can help you realize those dreams.  


Tanya started gallivanting with her mother as a child. Those adventures took them to museums, libraries, parks, gardens, beaches, and malls all over New York City where they met a variety of people.  Those experiences instilled a sense of adventure and a love for experiencing all things related to people and exciting places.


Tanya has gallivanted to Tuscany, Italy where she enjoyed cheese, olives, and wine on a vineyard, lunch in Provence, France, joined the Polar Bear Club at Inkwell Beach in Martha’s Vineyard, been to Hell and back on the Cayman Islands, and danced down Bourbon Street in New Orleans. Tanya has traveled to 4 continents and has not stopped gallivanting yet.


Let Gallivanting Worldwide Travel plan your next adventure. They are committed to offering you a unique travel experience.


  • Italy – Tuscany, Pisa, Rome & Napoli

  • France – Provence, Nice & French Riviera

  • Spain - Barcelona

  • Greece – Athens & Santorini

  • Cayman Islands

  • Dominican Republic – Punta Cuna

  • Mexico – Cancun & Puerto Vallarta

  • St. Thomas – St. Vincent

  • British West Indies

  • Cuba – Havana

  • Aruba – Villas & Music

  • Jamaica – Dunn’s River Falls

  • Bahamas – Nassau

  • Curacao

  • Montreal, Canada

  • Savannah, GA

  • Virginia Beach, VA

  • Miami, FL

  • Martha’s Vineyard, MA

  • Las Vegas, NV

  • New Orleans, LA

  • The list goes on and on

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